Luxury Dog Boarding Kennels – Living in the Lap of Luxury

Although most dogs and their owners shrink from the notion of separation, frequently other responsibilities bring us away from home. Most people will find a dog-sitter, or shed off their dog with a buddy, but for a privileged few, no expense is spared in the maintenance of their pampered pooches. Pet Hotel Dog & Cat Daycare and Spa is the best place to take care of your pets. 

Luxury Dog Boarding Kennels - Living in the Lap of Luxury

Representing one of the most opulent icons of pet-lovers' devotion to their furry friend, luxury dog boarding kennels host a range of incredible amenities to make dogs under their care feel as comfortable and at ease as you can. Some game in-house chefs, cooking fantastic feasts for guests who are tailored to the most exacting dietary limitations.

Other luxury facilities feature extensive indoor playrooms, stocked with agility and exercise gear, together with televisions and a choice of DVDs for away-from-home canines to watch. We now have a military of in-house care and veterinary staff, available 24-hours per day to tend to a doggie's every need, providing oversight and nightly turndown service. A masseuse is also featured by some of the dogs!

While these amenities may make luxury dog boarding kennels appear to be a live-in paradise, relaxation comes at a substantial price. Prices range from anywhere between $30 and $80 per night for many luxury dog boarding kennels, and that is just for the standard rooms! In Manhattan's Ritzy Canine Carriage House, lodging in the personal Presidential Suite costs a whopping $175 per night.