Tips for Better Home Security

When break-ins or other disasters happen in an apartment building or apartment complex, it can generally be the landlord or building manager that takes the blame for any associated damage, injuries, or loss of land.

That's why, if you are a landlord or building manager, it is important to secure your residents and yourself by taking certain preventative steps regarding home safety breaches. In this post, we will discuss Home Security & Safety Tips for better safety of your home and family.

Make sure the address is readily visible from the street. This not only makes it much easier for relatives and friends of residents to find the property easier, but also optimizes the response time of crisis services, such as police, ambulances, and fire trucks.

Tips for Better Home Security

Make sure smoke alarms are in working order and tested frequently. Even more important than functioning smoke detectors is the security of the electric safety switches, that ought to be properly installed on switchboards by specialist electricians to lower the odds of them malfunctioning and sparking a fire.

One or two times annually, or if someone new moves in, distribute a list of house security instructions to your own citizens. Advise them to constantly use the intercom or security camera to verify the identity of anyone trying to enter the building, before hammering them in.

When there is no intercom, they ought to always check the peephole, and they should alert the building supervisor of any suspicious or unknown individuals trying to enter.

If they are expecting a delivery and plan on being away from home when it arrives, have them organize for the building manager or doorman to get it, and ask them not to leave notes to the door or lobby which could signal to potential intruders that they're not there.