Short Hair Breeds of Cats

Below are some common breeds of cats with short hair. Though they require less brushing than do their long-haired cousins, many love to have their fur brushed on a daily basis.


The Abyssinian has a short, smooth coat made up of hair with light and dark areas on the same hair shaft, called ticking. A very friendly and playful cat, they need room to run and be active.

They have a triangular-shaped head with large ears. Babies have blue eyes that turn green or gold as they age. They are a quiet cat and make great pets, as they like to stay close to their owners.


The regal Siamese is very intelligent. They can often be trained to walk on a leash. Siamese are a lighter, often cream color with face, ears, tail and feet in a “point” of color – seal (brown), silver (a blue-gray color) or lilac (a pink-gray color.)

Newborns are pure white and get their “points” after a few weeks. The points darken with age. Siamese make good, loyal pets and are very vocal cats. They meow loudly for their owner’s attention.

American Short-hair

The American Short-hair cat is usually a silver, brown or orange tabby (striped coat) or a calico (patches of black, white and orange fur.). They are very social and make good family pets, as they get along well with kids and dogs.

Russian blue

Russian Blues get their name from the blue-gray color of their coat and from the country in which they were first discovered. They’re quiet cats who prefer quiet homes, but are very loving and gentle with their owners. They can be energetic, but don’t get into a lot of trouble. Russian Blues may run and hide from visitors. They have short very thick hair and need to be brushed at least twice a week.


The Sphynx cat (also known as the Canadian hairless, or the moon cat) is very lively and energetic. Because it is a very curious cat, curiosity often leads to mischief. This cat is the champion “cuddler” due to its lack of fur for warmth and is the entertainer in the cat family.

The Sphynx looks hairless, but in fact has a soft down on its skin. The colors in the Sphynx come from this down as well as the color of the skin. It may not have any whiskers at all, or only a few. Like humans, these cats can get sun-burned.

Large ears and a wedge-shaped, friendly face top a sturdy body. This is the only cat with sweat glands. When the cat sweats it produces an oil. With no fur to absorb the oil, the skin becomes greasy. So the cat needs to be bathed, if not weekly at least every two weeks.

Because this cat needs so much fuel to keep its body warm, it is a voracious eater.

They make great pets, but do require a bit more work to keep them oil-free and warm. They require lots of attention and are very, very vocal.

Manx cat

Manx cats usually have no tail, or often sport a stubby tail. They are friendly cats – good with children. Manx are social and like to follow their owners around. They tend to “growl” much like a dog does, and often make a high trilling sound to “call” their owners when hungry or wanting attention.

Manx come in short-haired or long-haired varieties and make good family pets who love attention and brushing.


The Calico is the American name for a tortoiseshell and white cat.

The Calico is not a registered breed, however about 16 different breeds can sport the calico pattern. You cannot plan for a Calico – they pop up in any breed and it’s just a game of chance if a litter produces a Calico. They can come in long or short hair, depending on breed.

Calicoes were considered lucky charms in ancient Asia due to the rarity and curious coloring. In ancient Japan they were thought to have magical powers. In ancient England Calicoes “helped people see into the future.”

Specific qualities and personality of the Calico depends on the breed of the cat. Males are even more unusual (only one in 3,000 calicoes is a male) and are usually sterile.

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold cats are adorable little teddy-bear looking cats whose ears fold down. With compact round bodies, they’re strong and grow into medium sized cats. They sport short thick fur that requires grooming several times a week, and come in all colors.

Scottish Fold cats are also known for their large round eyes, short noses and calm disposition.

Scottish Fold kittens are born with straight ears that fold down around three to four weeks of age. Some Scottish Fold kittens’ ears never fold down – but they are still great pets and are simply adorable cats.

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